Preventive Maintenance

The Preventive Maintenance service provided by Labio is designed to optimize the performance of your analytical instruments while reducing the likelihood of unexpected equipment failures. Our team of certified service engineers utilize manufacturer-recommended procedures and high-quality replacement parts and supplies to ensure your instruments operate accurately and reliably.

Our Enhanced Preventive Maintenance service provides additional support for instruments subjected to high usage or harsh operating environments. This includes specialized Cleaning services that can help minimize equipment downtime and maximize sensitivity in spectrometers and columns.

What we offer: Efficiency and productivity

  • Field personnel use high-quality replacement parts and supplies and follow certified procedures for expert inspection, cleaning, calibration, and lubrication of your analytical system.
  • Replacing high-wear parts according to defined maintenance procedures, regardless of condition, to prevent future problems.
  • Replacement of most solvent pathway components and detector components (including deuterium lamps).
  • Including travel to station.